Sólo quiero saber si, en algún momento, en algún segundo, por pequeño que fuera, has sonreído al recordarme.

"Me enamoré de sus palabras, de sus chistes, de los pequeños detalles que para él no eran nada y para mí lo eran todo…"

Historias de Sal, Camila Buzzo.  (via hachedesilencio)

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I don’t have any fears for the planet because I believe mama earth can take care of herself, and will be fine. it’s good at regeneration. my biggest fear is that people aren’t going to realize in time that we are nature, and that we need to think about that fact and respect that fact. people talk about global warming, the oceans, and the rainforest, and we need to be talking about it, but nothing’s going to change unless we change ourselves. it goes back to the whole female thing—no one is going to respect females until females start respecting females—and nothing’s going to change in nature until we start with our own bodies, mental health, and happiness. the human race isn’t going to be so fine if we don’t take some necessary steps pronto.

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